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Here your imagination is the limit. Create new worlds, new civilations, new univeres! Make this universe to be exactly how you want it. This is your universe, your reality. If you want the sky to be green on a planet then the sky is green on that planet. Other than that everything is as it is in our universe (except for specific planets and such). Go forth and make this universe exactly how you want it. There are many help articles here to help you get started and you can speak to the admin here for more infomation. Just remember to follow the Community Rules!

We are currently editing over 77 articles, and growing


It's the year 5796 and humanity has long since left their old planet Earth. You can see our History Time Line here. They are now exploring the new universe and this is a log of all the planets and civilations they have encouterend over the years. You can write histroy now and change human history. You are free to create new planets, worlds and people.

"This is the blue marble of the universe.

This is the planet we call Earth.

Why is the earth round?

What is the creation of the solar system?

Can an asteroid hit planet earth at a lightning-fast pace?

Is the climate changing each year?

Earth is the leader of the solar system - a huge planet full of human beings who live, work, play and travel in. On the Your Universe Wiki, we investigate all living human beings and the events, the castrophes, the natural disasters, the people, places and cultures, the geographioc breadth and length of the international countries, the currencies, and all the other top issues facing all areas of global curiosity, knowledge and wonder beyond the wildest dreams and most disasterous nightmares - behind the planet and all its possibilities.

It's your world. It's where you live. It's Your Universe." - By Snark19641

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